Relaxing massage

Relaxing massage

Ivana Vlckova Echerle is a professional masseuse and holistic therapist offering a variety of Holistic Beauty Treatments. Her work is the result of endless research for a thoughtful and profound approach to the client and his/her needs, going beyond the physical touch.


Soul Touch holistic body massage integrates various techniques both at a physical and energetic level. All tensions accumulated in body, mind and soul will be released hands on, thanks to an intuitive touch that helps the body relax and regenerate. We become more present and aligned in ourselves as body and heart are nourished. 55 min – €100 or 85min – €140

Relax and beauty oil massage helps eliminate toxins from the body and release tension, causing a profound feeling of relaxation, thanks to its techniques and oils used. Your skin will become smoother. The perfect way to start your vacation! 55 min – €100 or 85min – €140

Gua Sha facial (feet and hands included) will give you a natural facelift. It is an ancient Chinese massage that works on acupuncture points, releasing the natural flow of Qi and helping circulation and elimination of toxins as well as liquids in excess. It tones the face and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. For this massage we use SUPER SALVE creams and facial products (100% organic and natural). 55 min – €100

Zen Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese art of massage that uses finger pressure to release and thus realign any energetic imbalances, provoking an intense feeling of relaxation. It is very effective with many physical ailments where emotional imbalances and stress are underlying factors.  50 min – €85

Back, Neck and Shoulder massage, an intensive massage that helps release muscle tension and pain. Ideal after travelling.  45 min – €85

Foot Reflexology, an extraordinary natural method that stimulates reflexology points and areas on the feet, generating an immediate response on the reflected areas of the body. It is effective for balancing the nervous and lymph systems, blood circulation, digestion, organ functions and strengthens the immune system. 50 min – €80


ROSE FOR HER (Soul Touch – 85 min + Gua Sha facial – 30 min)                                        €175

TAO (Soul Touch for her – 55 min + Back, Neck and Shoulder massage for him – 45 min)     €165

EMBRACE (Beauty Oil Massage for her – 55 min + Zen Shiatsu for him – 50 min)                €165

Only certified organic oils of the highest quality are used: argon, jojoba, rosa Mosqueta and almond oil enriched with essential oils.

Please come to reception to book an appointment. Min. booking of 3 people.