Walking In The Countryside Near Siena

Walking In The Countryside Near Siena

One of the many pleasures of Villa Pippistrelli are the numerous walks you can go on, many of which start right on your doorstep.
Walking in the coutryside near Siena alone with a local guidebook or take advantage of our local naturalistic guide Caterina.

Caterina is a wonderful person with a great passion for walking and an in-depth knowledge of the history and geography of the land surrounding Villa Pippistrelli.

Caterina knows the land and its people like the back of her hand.

Hiking with Caterina is great fun, as she knows so much of the history of this place. Not only will she help you stick to the right path, but her knowledge of the vegetation, of the people who once lived in these hills and her annecdotes from the monasteries, make walking with Caterina like travelling in time.

Right on Your Doorstep

These walks can be from 1 to 3 hours long.

Villa Pipistrelli is located in a beautiful spot on the Montestigliano Estate, surrounded by the most stunning countryside of the “Terre di Siena” – “the lands of Siena” in the heart of Tuscany.

Your route can start right from the villa.

Follow the ancient cypress tree avenue, one of the longest in the whole of Tuscany, and the shaded woods of holm oaks, cork oaks and Mediterranean bushes to reach the natural park “Val di  Merse”, one of the many trekking routes.

On another route, you can visit the medieval castle, “ Castiglion che Dio sol sa” – “the castle that only God knows about”. This follows a path lined by ancient mills and a castle hidden to the eye by the thick woodland. Stop here for a relaxing view overlooking the valley of the river Merse.

A slightly different direction and you’ll reach the river Merse itself. Here you can swim in its clean, fresh waters, watch for birds (for example, Kingfisher birds) or have a picnic on a clearing of old oaks organised by Caterina.

Another walk will lead you to the Abbey of Torri with its amazing medieval cloister or, equally picturesque, the village of Orgia, where you can enjoy the farming Museum, the enchanting little hamlet and a superb local dinner at “trattoria Cateni”.

These are only a few of the interesting walks that you can do on foot, right from your villa.

A short drive opens up many more opportunities

 The Land of Siena

Just a short 10 – 20 min drive away, there are so many more beautiful spots to explore.

The Montagnola hills with its Romanesque abbeys and castles, Pieve a Pernina, Pieve a Molli, Castello di Celsa, Castello di Spannocchia, Villa Cetinale, Pieve a Ponte allo Spino and many many more.

The Chianti Area

A 15- 20 min drive away is the Chianti area. With its castles and vineyards, the little villages and fantastic views, a hike with some wine-tasting in one of the castles is a “must”.

The“Crete Senesi” – “Clays of Siena”

The “Crete Senesi” is a very special landscape, south of Siena. Its distinctive grey hills that turn into a green ocean in Spring, vast panoramas where the hills touch the sky, monasteries like Monte Oliveto Maggiore, and the giant door “Sito Transitorio “ (a sculpture by Jean Paul Philippe) await you.

San Quirico D’Orcia

Only a 45 minute drive from Villa Pippistrelli you’ll find the medieval town San Quirico d’Orcia, an unbelievably beautiful valley with breathtaking landscapes.

Here you can hike a number of paths, from Pienza, the renaissance fort town, to the Abby of Sant Antimo; from Montalcino, to Pietraporciana Nature Reserve. There is so much to explore.

San Galgano

To the west of Villa Pippistrelli, you will find the impressive abbey of San Galgano, famous for its roofless medieval cathedral and the sword in the rock in the adjacent Romanesque church Montesiepi.

Nearby are the pretty and somewhat dreamy towns of Chiusdino and Monticiano, the Farma river and the fantastic sculpture park “Dreamwoods “ (“Selva di Sogno”).

Once again, Caterina can help with exploring these hills “off the beaten track“. She will give you the privileged experience of getting to know every corner, every species, every story, every secret of this beautiful land.